Smoke ‘N’ Buns

What’s Smoking?

Smoke ‘N’ Buns offers something different; not only in its food but also in its atmosphere. This is more than a burger: it’s an experience. It starts with the presentation, as you watch your own personal smoke show before getting to enjoy the incredibly flavourful burgers beneath!  The smokiness of each bite is one that sets Smoke ‘N’ Buns apart from other restaurants and gives us it’s signature taste.

We also offer a selection of sides with your burgers, including chips and onion rings. All our sides are made from fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. Our burgers and sides are perfect for sharing among friends or for enjoying as a meal all on their own.

Don’t fancy a Burger? Then take a look at the sandwich menu below! There will always be something to take your fancy.

Book your spot and we’ll see you at the bar!